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Hey so you guys should like my band's page on facebook. check it out!

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I'm back baby

2011-03-05 15:53:05 by ChrisAkaFedora

I'm back and I've just posted my latest audio submission Master Volume!

Check it out!

What i'm working on

2010-08-04 01:25:35 by ChrisAkaFedora

Well honestly I'm not really working on much right now, but expect to see some more audio and artwork in the future.


2010-07-22 00:12:01 by ChrisAkaFedora

After a while of waiting I was finally approved for the audio portal! Hooray!

First time contributing

2010-07-03 01:51:18 by ChrisAkaFedora

here's some artwork i just created, check it out.Planet Zephiron